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Lake Erie Lakers 5/18/2014

The morning was cold for middle of May, temps in low 30's. After scrapping the ice off the trucks and hooking up the boat we were on our way to North East Marina. Once wet, we headed towards “the mountain” with high expectations. New Bert’s Custom rod holders, and Cannon Riggers, Okuma rods rigged, Dipsy Divers followed by Michigan Stingers and Dreamweavers, we were ready!

We arrived at the "lip" and dropped the Cannons to the bottom. The 10 to 15 foot lead on the riggers ended with the “personal favorite” flasher with few foot leaders to the spoons. The next 4 Okuma rods were tipped with a Dipsy Diver dragging a spoon behind. The plan was to run 2 Dipsys per side, one at a 1.5 setting and other at 3.5. Before we could get our 6 rods wet, we had 2 releases. After 45 minutes of attempting to keep all 6 rods in the water we gave up. We kept both riggers down and the dipsys set at 3.5. This left us with 4 rods in the water, which was plenty of action.

We ended the day with high fives all around, 23 Lakers, and a bonus walleye. The majority of them came off of the riggers, but the bigger fish came from the Dipsys. The bonus walleye came off a Bay Rat Lures Short Shallow Mystery Machine behind a Dipsy at a 3.5 setting.

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