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Lindy 360 Ice Jig

The Lindy 360 Ice Jig utilizes a revolutionary concept to create a rotating jig. Featuring a body that rotates on an internal axle, this jig produces an impressive amount of movement, flash, vibration, and water displacement. These factors are often critical to producing strikes. Once the jig is underwater, the body taps against the axle and the bead making a noise and vibration that calls curious fish in from a distance.

Whether you use this jig slowly and gently or quickly and aggressive, the Lindy 360 Ice Jig will get the job done. When jigged slowly, the 360 jig will producing gentle flashes and when jigged aggressively, the 360 jig spins into a blur, creating a flurry of flash and vibration. Aggressive jigging will attract fish from afar and often trigger aggressive strikes.

The Lindy 360 Ice Jig is available in four sizes and 12 colors, making it a great choice for everything from trout and pan fish to walleye and pike. These jigs also ship free from