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New Berkley Trilene Transoptic Monofilament Line

Berkley has always been a leader in fishing line technology and this year’s offering is no different.

Trilene Transoptic features a proprietary transition technology which is activated by UV light. Transoptic changes from clear to gold in sunlight and overcast conditions. UV light begins to filter out the farther down the water column it goes, causing this line to return to its clear color after a few feet of water depth. This color changing line is the perfect answer for the angler in search of a hi-vis line that won’t spook fish.

Our staff has used the line and has found it to be easy to handle even on spinning reels. The price is very reasonable and anglers everywhere are already excited about it’s performance.

FishUSA offers this line in all sizes currently available. You can learn more about this line by click HERE.