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What is ICAST?

Every year, thousands of fishing industry leaders assemble for the largest sportfishing trade show in the world. The International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades (ICAST) is a showcase of the newest products from various manufacturers worldwide. ICAST is produced by the American Sportfishing Association (ASA). ASA’s main objective is to represent tackle manufacturers’ business interests.

Hundreds of manufacturers will be gathering in the Orange County Convention Center July 15th through 17th in Orlando, Florida, to show off their latest and greatest products. Vendors like Rapala, Shimano, Simms, Okuma and Strike King will all be in attendance. This event also receives a tremendous amount of attention from the media. Outdoor writers will be mingling and gathering as much information as they can for future articles. Hundreds of fishing pros will be working with their respective sponsors to shoot videos on new products. Many retailers, like FishUSA, will be attending the show to view new product as well as build relationships with vendors.

The International Fly Tackle Dealers Show (IFTD) will also be taking place simultaneously with the ICAST show. For years, the two shows were held separately. The change has been well received, and allows retailers to kill two birds with one stone.

The ICAST and IFTD shows are not open to the public, though I do encourage anglers to follow the ICAST website, as well as FishUSA’s website and Facebook page, to see the new releases. FishUSA will be posting plenty of pictures and videos from the show! 

Tight Lines,

Captain Doug

Get Hooked on Thomas

For over 60 years, Thomas Lures has been producing quality lures for Trout, Pike, Walleye, Salmon, and Bass. I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Thomas Lures owner, Peter Ridd, for the past three years. Once you have a conversation with Peter, you’ll quickly understand why Thomas Lures is so successful.

It’s well known that Pennsylvania has some of the best Trout fishing in the country. Thomas Lures is a staple product for all trout anglers, and thousands of Thomas lures will be cast into your local stream or lake on opening day. Not only is Thomas a recognized brand locally, but they are highly recognized outside of the Northeast region as well. It’s well known that California and Colorado are huge Trout states. FishUSA sells a significant amount of Thomas Buoyant Spoons in California, while the Thomas Colorado Spoons are a key product in Colorado (I think the name is very fitting for the region).

Whether you’re a novice or expert Trout angler, you should have Thomas Lures in your box. This product is made in Hawley, Pennsylvania, and all products are available for purchase at FishUSA.


Tight Lines,

Capt. Doug Straub

Achieving Different Actions with Your Lures

So many times I hear anglers say, “I need to buy lures that have a tighter wobble.” Or, “I need a lure that has a more erratic action.”

Since I was a child, I’ve always tinkered with lures to make them run exactly how I want. Sometimes I destroy the lure, but I gain valuable information that’s helped me in my professional fishing career. We all know why we need different lure actions for certain situations, but it’s not commonly known that we can achieve this by simply making minor changes to our baits.

The easiest way to change the action of your lure is to either remove a hook or add a larger hook. If you have a lure that has three hooks, like the Renosky Crystalina Shallow Diver, you can remove the front hook closest to the head of the bait to achieve a wider, more erratic action. If you are looking to achieve a tighter wobble, simply try adding larger hooks.

These little tricks don’t work with all baits as some are very sensitive to the number and size of hooks. But, give it a shot. You may find that you can have a number of lures built into one.

Tight Lines,

Capt. Doug Straub

FishUSA Staff

New Rapala Salmon & Steelhead Gear!

When fishermen hear the name Rapala, they think of original floaters, husky jerks, and jigging raps. Most anglers are unaware that Rapala also manufacturers an extensive line of fishing rods and reels. has always been a well known retailer in the salmon and steelhead market. This fall FishUSA will be offering a variety of spinning rods, casting rods, float roads, and center pin reels from Rapala. is committed to offering anglers with the best gear at a low price, and it was a no brainer for us to offer these products for the salmon and steelhead community.

The staff had the opportunity to “play” with the new Rapala rods and reels. We’re blown away with the quality and the features that are present on this gear, and we highly recommend these rods and reels to the novice angler or seasoned pro.

For more information regarding these products, please visit or call us at 800.922.1219.

Tight Lines,
Capt. Doug Straub Staff

Angling Motivations

Have you ever thought to yourself, what motivates me to spend countless hours on a stream, lake, or river? Is it the time spent with friends and family? Is it the aesthetics? Is it the surprise of a float disappearing under the water? There is always a motivation that drives anglers to have a passion for fishing, and more often than not, there are multiple motivations.

The first motivation that comes to mind, is time spent with others. Some of our best angling excursions are spent with friends and family. We sometimes take for granted the valuable times More...