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Choosing the Proper Bait for Spring Trout Fishing

In many states, the opening day of Trout Season is one of the true signs of Spring. Every Spring millions of anglers from 3 to 93 participate across the country. Some anglers fish hard from the opening bell till dark, whereas others seem just happy being outside and watching the spectacle. In many areas of the country, trout fishing is brought by the stocking truck, where millions of browns, rainbows and brook trout are released into streams, lakes and rivers by the States and fishing clubs. Because these trout have lived nearly all of their lives in a hatchery, their diet is much different than their wild cousins. Stocked trout also seem to tolerate angler pressure much better and will feed in the same conditions that would send a wild trout scurrying for the nearest rock.

Just because the stocked trout are not that selective doesn’t mean that they are always easy to catch, particularly when they have been hooked and lost (or released) a time or two. By selecting the proper hardware, processed or natural bait, and presenting it in the proper manner, catching these trout will More...

Choosing a Fly Rod for Trout

There was a time when most anglers carried a cane rod 8-9 feet long with a reel filled with 6 weight level line. In the 1950′s fiberglass became popular, particularly with anglers on a budget, as these rods could be mass produced. Cane rods were still mostly built one at a time. In the 70′s and early 80′s, graphite (and boron for a time) became the new miracle fiber. Some traditionalist scoffed, but the graphite fly rod was ingrained in the fiber of fly fishing forever.

Today, cane rods are primarily used by traditionalists. Since cane rods are still for the most part produced one at a time, the prices are fairly expensive, with most new rods running $500 and up.

Fiberglass fly rods are still popular with some anglers, particularly those who prefer more moderate action rods. Small streams and very soft presentations More...

Anglers' Cures for Cabin Fever

With cold weather and slushy to completely frozen conditions in much of the country, many anglers are sitting home, watching playoffs and waiting for the warmer weather of Spring. There are many activities the home-bound angler can do to prevent the winter doldrums. Below is a to-do list for the angler to prepare for the upcoming fishing season.

Take Inventory - Now is the time to clean out the tackle box or vest and find out what you need for the upcoming year. It is much better to find out that you are out of your pet lure now than when the bite is on. Many times anglers find that it is best to stock up on productive lures at the best prices. It is also a good time to trim the used line and leaders from the eyes of used flies, hooks and lures. By purchasing a few extras of your favorite lures or rigs now, you won’t run out when the bite is on.

Learn to tie flies - Many fly fishers think that tying is too complicated, or that because they have large fingers that it’s nearly impossible More...

Lure Selection for Hard Water Angling

As with all fishing, selecting the proper lure is crucial for success. With the wide variety of lures that are available to the modern ice angler, many are baffled by all of the choices. Some lures are particularly effective for a certain species of fish, while others perform well for a wide range of fish.

Below are some preferred lures by species.


Throughout much of the ice fishing region, panfish such as perch, crappie and bluegill are very popular. Because More...